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Global Partners Purpose Statement

Motivated by the love of Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit, Global Partners exists to assist the ministry of the local church through the mobilizing, equipping, and coordinating of believers to evangelize unreached people groups, translate the Scriptures, and see indigenous churches established that glorify God.


Core Values

1. The Word of God as our final authority  

2. A Spirit-controlled life   

3. Dependence on God   

4. The role & responsibility of the local church in the Great 


5. Readiness to sacrifice for Christ and His church   

6. Godly relationships and interdependence in ministry   

7. Potential of all believers to be used by God in the Great     Commission  

8. Excellence and urgency in all we do to finish the task


Statement of Faith

The Bible is the inspired Word of God and the sole foundation for faith and practice of all believers.  It reveals a triune God:  God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  The Father sent the Son to be the Savior of lost mankind who were separated from God by sin.  Jesus, the Son of God, died a substitutionary death on the cross, was buried and rose again the third day according to the Scriptures to save a lost humanity from eternal separation from God.  Those who place their faith in the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ are regenerated with divine life by the Holy Spirit.  It is the responsibility of all believers to work together to share the Gospel Message with all, that in all things God may be glorified.